Running an enterprise office was never this easy…

Delivering Workspaces

Location Intelligence

Advising clients on ideal locations based on business needs, recruitment, budgets etc.

Property Sourcing

Leveraging extensive expertise and networks across the country for properties that match your requirements. No brokerage charges.

Legal Detailing

Ensuring due diligence and compliance to simplify property acquisition

Layout Planning

Our experts design workspaces for optimal performance, keeping in mind your current and future plans.

Interior Design

Bespoke offices, customised to your aesthetic and budgets at industry leading timelines. Zero headaches.

Fit out Financing

We design low upfront investment plans with distributed cost structure options.

Incubation Facility

A convenient stop-gap workspace to ensure business continuity while we deliver your Autopilot office.

Managing Workspaces

Single Point of Contact

Your dedicated operations manager to ensure all our services run smoothly.

Relationship Manager

Beyond operational support, a go-to resource to ensure your needs and concerns have been addressed well.

Employee Engagement

Assisting HR teams with employee happiness activities such as festival celebrations and social events.

Green Space

We encourage and incorporate eco-friendly solutions as per your company requirements.


Proactive and on-time maintenance of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

Breakdown Response

4-hour Turnaround time (TAT) for rectification of most breakdowns and malfunctions.


Efficient cost management and timely stocking of all office consumables like stationery, toiletries and hygiene items.

Workspace Mapping

Mapping your office resources and behaviours, to help make better operational decisions in future.

House Keeping

Trained office service staff who take care of everything from sanitization to hospitality.


Choose from a wide range of pantry products and eatables, freshly stocked daily for you and your team.


Well-maintained and hygienic dining spaces serving meal options across price ranges.


A dedicated help desk for executive and employee travel, AGM planning and more.

IT Support

Providing networking solutions to ensure high bandwidth, low downtime and efficient interdepartmental connectivity.

Internet Service

Ability to deploy bandwidth from all major internet service providers at market beating prices.

Tech workspace

Providing networking solutions to ensure high bandwidth, low downtime and efficient interdepartmental connectivity.

Active IT Support

Procuring, setting up and maintaining uninterrupted power supply (UPS), video conferencing equipment etc.


Fingerprint and face recognition based protocols, including industry-specific compliances.


Procuring, setting up and maintaining CCTV systems.

Security Team

Tie-ups with benchmarked, high-integrity firms incorporating best-practices in corporate security

Access Control

Selective area permissions with cutting edge solutions to suit various industry requirements.

Fire Safety

Regular upkeep of necessary fire-fighting equipment and fire-response training for staff.


Interfacing with local municipal and society authorities to ensure your workspace is compliant and neighbourhood friendly.


Coverage for all your valuables including critical equipment, fixtures and more.

We see ourselves as Workspace Partners

Cost and Other Efficiencies

Quick Decision Making Saving Opportunity Cost

Benchmarked Hygiene and Quality Standards

Scalability of Services

Dynamic and Cutting Edge Workspace Facilities

See how we can put your existing office on Autopilot.